Dementia Friends

Just back from a fabulous trip to South East Asia with the added, unexpected bonus of obtaining some invaluable cpd (continued professional development) with an amazing lady, Gina Awad founder and lead of the Exeter Dementia Action Alliance & British Empire medal recipient. What a unique setting, on a sleeper train from Hue to Hoi An, Vietnam.
Having worked with dementia I was keen to deepen my knowledge of the complexities of the condition and it’s impact on the individuals and their families.
This interactive session certainly delivered and I found the statistics of people living with dementia globally, staggering, and discovered that this umbrella term encapsulates over one hundred types of the disease.
I look forward to integrating what I have learnt from Gina into my private practice.
What is of most importance to me when working with clients is the understanding that they are unique and so is their experience of living with this condition.