Are you struggling right now, unsure of your feelings, wanting clarity and a way to move forward? You are in the right place, please read on:

Welcome to my website, my name is Fiona and I am a qualified and experienced Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor.

At times life can be very difficult leaving you feeling confused, unhappy, unheard, and restricting you from leading the life you want. Counselling can be the first step towards change, regaining a sense of control in your life, and a better, more positive future for you.

I work around a wide variety of issues, problems and complex situations providing you with non-judgemental support, confidentiality, empathy and respect, and provide a safe space for you to share your concerns.

I can help you to explore your thought, feelings, emotions and behaviours and assist you in gaining a better understanding and awareness of yourself and your relationships, allowing you to reflect upon what is happening for you and find a way forward.

Please take a look at the ‘Services’ section which will give you more information on how Counselling and Psychotherapy could help you and the testimonials section can also give you an insight into what it’s like to enter in to therapy from those I have supported and have been kind enough to leave feedback.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange an appointment please complete the contact page.

“Every human has a true authentic self. Trauma is the disconnection from it and healing is the reconnection to it.”

-Dr. Gabor Maté